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Our kitchen designers have the proven expertise to provide you with the best solutions to suit your needs in kitchen design and layout whether in a squeezed tight space or a spacious setting in the suburbs or in the metropolitan areas.
Our designers and equipment specialists get to know our customers and take into consideration their business peculiarities as well as their individual cooking styles and preferences in order to design an exceptional kitchen that will make the most use of their available space.

Charlie’s Fixtures, Inc. is also working closely with all the leading kitchen equipment manufacturers, tracks the trends in the foodservice industry, reviews the latest in equipment design and manufacture to provide our customers with the best informed recommendations in the selection of their kitchen equipment design and layout.


Our Jobsite Coordinator helps to ensure a smooth and seamless process by coordinating detailed design layout with the customer’s jobsite team, and coordinate in expediting equipment installation.  Charlie’s Fixtures will assist the customer in project management by coordinating with the customer’s general contractor and sub-contractors to ensure a timely completion of the project within the required budget.


Charlie’s Fixtures is proud of its knowledgeable and experienced customer service personnel.  Our customer service personnel will personally assist our customers in all aspect of service, from last-minute additions on existing orders, to updates on the progress of any current projects, or a service need on an existing piece of equipment.  Charlie’s Fixtures is here to serve you.

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